Full-Spectrum CBD Soothing Elderberry Syrup


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The perfect alternative to traditional cold medications, our CBD-infused elderberry syrup helps to support a healthy immune system with the additions of lemon, honey and elderberry. Made with an all-natural vegetable glycerin, this syrup begins to soothe the moment it coats your throat so don’t wait, begin use at first signs of a cough or a cold. Teeming with antibacterial properties and vitamins from the boost of honey, lemon and elderberry, this comforting syrup is gentle enough to be taken throughout the day, if needed, but strong enough to fight even the worst coughs or colds. For those looking to combat chronic bronchitis, scratchy or dry throat, or perhaps just a weakened immune system, adding this syrup to your daily routine may just be the change you’re looking for. Vegan friendly, gluten free and non-GMO.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, organic honey, water, vitamin C, citric acid, elderberry extract, lemongrass, extract, lemon oil, CBD

Directions: Using the measurements on the side of the bottle, pour 0.5 oz. of the syrup into a small cup and drink as needed, every 2-3 hours. Shake well.

Serving Size 0.5 oz. or 15mgs. Approximately 8 servings per bottle.

Net Weight: 120mg/4 oz. CBD/bottle (1mg/1ml)


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