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Our mission is to provide clients the knowledge and natural tools needed to lead a self- directed prevention focused healthy lifestyle: A lifestyle not solely reliant on traditional medicine, but filling in its gaps and empowering clients to complement traditional medicine, striking a balance between traditional and natural health solutions to achieve well being and where possible prevent disease before having to cure it.


– Courses and workshops with experts in plant medicines, nutrition and a broad array of other natural medicine modalities

– A comprehensive array of plant-based medicinals, including full lines of CBD products, essential oils, and a curated selection of medicinal teas and ayurvedic botanicals

– Consultation and growing equipment for the DIY cannabis medicinal grower


The United States has the most technically advanced healthcare in the world. Why has our average life expectancy been declining for 2-3 straight years and why is it lower than citizens of many other developed countries?

Growing evidence points to  an over-reliance on pills (synthetic medicines), processed foods and external environmental factors causing inflammation, stressing our immune systems and compromising our overall health. Fortunately, our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal themselves with the right natural remedies

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Fall classes at @leafcollaborative are now enrolling. Our amazing eight-week series covers topics including cannabis political history, medicinal cannabis science, indoor/outdoor grow, methods of extraction, harm reduction methods, sensible cannabis use, patient and caregiver relations, Massachusetts medical marijuana and adult cannabis marijuana law, and more! We offer either a Thursday evening or Saturday morning option. Visit our website to sign up or learn more. We hope to see you there. πŸŒ±πŸ“– #growyourown #cannabisculture #bostontrees ...

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Hey friends, Mike is enrolling now for a new round of Amazing 8 Week semester classes!

Fall into our Fall semester classes with a $50 discount using promo code: ClassPromo
Enrolling now for Sept start dates online at www.theleafcollaborative.com
The Fall 2019 Amazing 8 Week Semester is now open for enrollment and will be held in Brookline in our brand new classroom at our new location at 9 Harvard St Brookline MA.

The Amazing 8-Week Semester Fall September 26, 2019 Thursday night start

Thursday night or Saturday morning class schedule options
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Many thanks to Michael Higgins from NEPGA and Mike Bradshaw and also Nick Moresca for a perfect day!!! ...

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Full Spectrum CBD infused Bath Bar, 100mg of CBD oil per bar. What an easy way to protect and nourish your skin everyday. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ A very well balanced and sudsy soap full of oatmeal, hemp, and CBD oil for all natural healing. 🌿 Only at The Leaf Collaborative! wash, rinse, repeat! βœ…β­οΈ spend $100 and receive a FREE CBD GIFT! 🎁 ...

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