600 mg Full Spectrum CBD Vaporizer Cartridge


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Offering nearly instant results, vaporizing is an effective, fast-acting method to deliver all the benefits of this beautiful, high-quality hemp CBD distillate. Full of cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBDV and CBC, as well as the natural terpenes from the hemp plant, our concentration provides an overall relaxing experience. With each inhale averaging roughly 2mg/sec, this is easily one of our most customizable dosing methods, making it the perfect tool to get through any day! Formed through CO2 extraction, our distillate is vegan friendly, gluten-free and contains no GMO’s. It may be used to help ease symptoms due to stress or anxiety, relief of nausea or headaches, and even light to moderate pain. Our handcrafted cartridges will work with any vape battery and comes in both original flavor and strawberry breeze.

Ingredients: 600mg Hemp Distillate (including CBD, CBDV, CBC and terpenes), MCT Oil
Directions: Inhale 3-5 times every 2-3 hours, as needed.
Serving Size: 3-5 inhales/serving. Approximately 60 servings per cartridge.
Net Weight: 1 gram

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