Our Team

Our team has over 100 years of natural medicine experience, in excess of 75 years of medical cannabis and caregiving practice and more than 25 years of CBD specific expertise.

Our Process

Everything we do starts with a single commitment to you: better value through superior quality. Each step of our process has been meticulously designed to deliver you the highest quality, safest and most effective CBD products. In the wine industry, this meticulous quality management is called “provenance”. Just as it does with wine, meticulously managed provenance with CBD results in a much better experience and improved outcomes.

Proprietary Nano Infusion

CBD molecules are large, too large to be optimally absorbed and used by your body. Their size normally limits the impact per milligram you receive from each quantity of CBD you take. We developed a proprietary three step nano-infusion technology that sheers our CBD molecules to tiny particles that are only a fraction of their original size. This process improves their ability to bind with your receptor cells and penetrate your transdermal barrier, thereby enhancing their bioavailability (improving your body’s ability to absorb and use our CBD). Nano infusion is an essential step in providing you better value through superior quality.

Small Batch Production

Small batch production is the foundation of our transparency and accountability program. We hand craft all our products in small batches and link each product to a batch number stamped on its label. In turn, each batch number is linked to a certificate of analysis. While small batch production is unusual because it is more time consuming, it results in consistent ingredients from product to product, ensures that what is in the container closely matches what is on the label (label compliance) and allows us to track each product as it moves through the supply chain to you. If we were to receive feedback that any product is sub-standard, we can trace, pull and replace the product or issue a refund.

Medicinal Compounding

The earth’s plants include a huge array of botanicals that have many beneficial effects. With over 100 years of collective natural medicine experience under our belts, we have developed a proprietary medicinal compounding process. We hand select more than 35 proven non-cannabis botanicals ranging from essential oils and amino acids to mushrooms and butters. We combine these non-cannabis botanicals with CBD to deliver you greater benefits from each of our products.

Our morning tincture (WakeUp+) and energy shot include a complex of 10 USA-grown organic mushrooms and coffee to support energy and brain function. Our night time tincture (Bedtime+) and our Relax+ shot include melatonin and isoquinoline alkaloids found in the California poppy plant (eschscholzia californica) to encourage relaxation and sleep.

A full list of the botanicals we use in our medicinal compounding program is available HERE. Each product’s medical compounding ingredients can be found in their respective description.

Sustainable Farming

CBD is an agricultural product. Its’ production begins with growers who experience good and bad harvests. We work directly with one of the largest hemp farming cooperatives in North America. This allows us to work individually with a variety of hand-picked farms from different regions of the US and Canada, each cultivating a single strain of hemp at any given time. With access to a wide selection of strains grown in different regions and conditions, we are not locked into any one farm or strain. We can consistently choose, process and deliver you cbd oils from harvests with the cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profile best suited to meet your needs.

All our farming partners cultivate exclusively in the United States and participate in federally licensed state department of agriculture or university research programs with stringent requirements. These requirements ensure the farms we use employ sustainable farming practices that meet or exceed certified organic farming requirements and all federal safety guidelines.

All-Natural Extraction

We’ve built a network of extraction partners. Each of our extraction partners uses an all-natural grain alcohol that is gentle enough for human consumption and ideally suited to extract the fullest and most beneficial array of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This approach removes any chance that heavy metals, or contaminants are introduced into our oils during extraction.

Whole Plant and Full Spectrum Formulation

Increasing amounts of research, and customer feedback, indicate that different elements of the hemp plant work best together in their most natural form. That’s why our formulations start with whole plant or full spectrum oils. We do not start with an isolate or limited spectrum oil stripped of many of the plant elements and then add back components just to make label claims. As a result, all of the CBD we provide you contains a full array of flavonoids, terpenes and other cannabinoids all working together with the CBD for your benefit. This effect of the “whole” being better than the sum of the parts is called the “entourage effect”.


Our personal stories vary by team member, but they all have one thing in common: using the natural properties of cannabinoids to confront and overcome personal demons including chronic pain, inflammation, stress, sleep deprivation, adult and childhood trauma, cancer and addiction.

From these personal successes, we coalesced around a common commitment and life long passion: helping others achieve well being through natural remedies and a preventative approach to health.

Today, we harness our passion to provide you the wondrous benefits of our hand-crafted full spectrum and whole plant CBD.

Our guiding principle is to bring you better value through superior quality. At TLC, quality is not a vague marketing term. We design and continuously improve our practices, from seed to sale, to deliver you the finest CBD with the highest impact per milligram. We call this concept “efficacy”.

Finally, as Yoda would say “why CBD, ask you”? Every human’s body contains a relatively little known but essential system; the endocannabinoid system (the “ECS”). Through this system, your body naturally produces its own cannabinoids (“endocannabinoids”) to regulate numerous functions essential to your health. These functions include mood, anxiety, pain, sleep and inflammation. Properly formulated plant-based cannabinoids (“phytocannabinoids”) interact with your body’s ECS through its own receptor cells.

CBD is the only major cannabinoid that does not get you high (it is “nonpsychotropic”) and has profound potential health benefits. Millions of people, ranging from professional athletes to senior citizens, have turned to CBD in growing numbers to address anxiety, stress, trauma, pain, inflammation and many other issues.


Our Bodies

The human body has a remarkable ability to self-heal, self-regulate and self-protect. Treat your body with respect, feed your body with good food, sleep and movement (exercise) and it will reward you by building your immune system. You will heal from injuries faster and avoid many chronic health issues without having to rely on pharmaceuticals. Even when you ignore your body, it will signal you that change is needed through pain and inflammation.

One of the human body’s most important tools for maximizing your health is the endocannabinoid system (the “ECS”). Through its ECS, your body actually produces its own cannabinoids and uses its’ own receptor cells to prompt interaction between the cannabinoids it produces, your nervous system and various other parts of your body. This interaction helps regulate sleep, mood, stress, pain and inflammation to bring your body into greater homeostasis or balance. Properly formulated and cared for CBD interacts with your ECS through its CB1 and CB2 receptor cells. This is why so many people purchase CBD when seeking help for mood, stress, sleep, pain and inflammation.

Our Planet

We are blessed to live in the United States, a country with among the most advanced and capable medical complexes in the world. In particular, we applaud our primary care physicians who constantly steer us to the preventative health practices of good sleep, diet and exercise. We are amazed by all our health professionals who use their training and skills to cure diseases and save lives.

We are also blessed with our planet’s incredible resources. Humans have inhabited Earth and relied on its bounty for 6 million years, (modern man for 200,000 years). With so much time on earth under our belts, our bodies and our souls have adapted to and developed a synergy with our planet. The earth and its crops provide us exceptional tools to address many chronic health issues where pharmaceuticals are too often used. While our opiate crisis is the prime example, listen to any ad for virtually any pharmaceutical and you will notice the long list of possible serious complications. Ask yourself what this implies for the effects over time of a prescription with more subtle complications, complications you are unlikely to notice day to day but which build up over time.

Hemp is one of mankind’s oldest and most relied upon crops. It is the source of CBD. It grows naturally on every continent and has, since the beginning of man’s time on earth. We have used hemp for food, domesticating animals, medicine, rope, fuel military and many other industrial purposes. The United States is no exception. From their initial time here until our recent over-reliance on pharmaceuticals, our ancestors from Europe, Asia and Africa, cultivated and relied heavily on hemp for medical purposes as well as for industrial and military uses.