Master Tincture Class – June 30



Learn to craft your own holistic herbal and medicinal tinctures at home, safely, correctly dosed and packaged. Plant based tinctures and herbal infusions have been used as excellent, effective medicines for centuries. Medicinal cannabis infused tinctures are easy to make and used in many applications, both oral and topically. Come take a tincture class Sunday June 30 and learn all you need to know to begin your own home infusions journey.

Covering all you need to know and more!

A brief history of cannabis tinctures, The basic science of tinctures, benefits of tinctures, side effects, Pros & Cons, learn both hot and cold tincture making methods, safety, sensible dosing, best practices, know your cannabis, strain selections, matching strains to desired outcome, suggested kitchen tools, a discussion of solvents, using alcohol, using glycerin, how to personalize a tincture, using tinctures in topicals, using tinctures in medicated foods and infused beverages.

class: June 30 Sunday 1pm to 4pm




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