Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


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Our high-quality full-spectrum tincture is specially formulated with essential oils and medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) to create an all-natural and easily absorbable tincture that is gentle enough for even the weakest of immune systems. Available in two dose sizes, 30mg and 100mg, tincture can be such a great method for people starting out with CBD. The dropper is a great tool that allows for customization when it comes to dosage and administration. May be used as often as six times a day for those suffering from inflammation, pain, restlessness at night, headaches and even anxiety. Feel free to play around with what works for you! Try it sublingually or as an ingestible. Vegan friendly, gluten free and non-GMO. Available in original and lemongrass flavor.


Unflavored 30mg and 100 mg – MCT oil, CBD

Lemongrass 100mg – MCT oil, CBD, Essential Oil Blend

Lemongrass 450mg – MCT oil, 450mg CBD distillate (including CBD, CBG, CBDV, CBC, <0.3% THC), essential oil blend

Directions: 1 dropper full or 1 ml every 4-6 hours.

Serving Size: 30mg/ml or 50mg/0.5ml (CBD/ml). Approximately 15 servings (450mg bottle) and 30 servings per bottle (1500mg).

Net Weight: 450mg/0.5 oz. and 1500mg/0.5 oz. (CBD/bottle)

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450mg (30 mg per dose), 1500mg (100 mg per dose)


original flavor, lemongrass


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