Full Spectrum CBD Capsules


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Easy and straight-forward, our CBD capsules are the perfect addition to your daily supplement regimen. Coming in two strengths, 30mg and 60mg per dose, these capsules are great for everyday use! With predetermined doses, they offer the convenience of knowing exactly what dose works for you, plus, they’re discreet. No more feeling self-conscious about taking your CBD. Made with an all-natural vegetable glycerin, these capsules are filled with cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBC, CBG and CBDV, as well as natural terpenes, allowing you to receive all the beneficial properties this beautiful plant has to offer. While these capsules may not offer instant results (up to an hour and a half), they can be taken throughout the day (as needed), and because they act as an ingestible, the benefits you receive over time may be more intense and longer-lasting. For those suffering from inflammation, chronic and intense pain, anxiety, sleep issues, or anyone looking to up their supplement game, look no further than these high-quality CBD capsules. Gluten free and non-GMO.

Ingredients: cold-pressed coconut oil, gelatin capsule, CBD

Directions: 1 capsule every 4-6 hours as needed.

Serving Size: 30mg/capsules or 60mg/capsule, respectively. Seven servings per container.

Net Weight: 210mg/3.5g and 420mg/3.5g CBD/Container

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30mg, 60mg


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