DELIVERY SYSTEMS & METHODS OF CONSUMPTION: There are different ways to consume your CBD products.

Common methods of consumption: Sublingual, Inhalable, Ingestible, Topical


Meaning: Latin for under the tongue, refers to the pharmacological route of administration by which substances diffuse quickly into the blood through tissues under the tongue. Peak blood level is generally achieved within 10 – 15 minutes, often much faster than something ingested orally. Sublingual absorption is generally a quick and efficient method of consumption.

Method: Dropped, placed or applied under the tongue and allowed to absorb.

TLC Essential product optionsFull Spectrum CBD Tinctures available in different strengths and flavors: plain or lemongrass.


Meaning: To draw in air, smoke or vapor into the lungs by breathing. You can inhale the full spectrum CBD vapor created by our Full Spectrum Vape Pens for fast acting relief.

Method: Place vape pen to your mouth and draw slowly, evenly. With each inhale of our Vape Pen products you average roughly 2mg /per second, offering one of our most customizable methods of ingestion we offer.

TLC Essential product options: Vape Pens, Vape Cartridges and Palm Vaporizer Unit

Disposable 300 mg CBD Vape Pen –

Disposable 300 mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen available in both strawberry breeze or original flavor: approximately 30 servings per pen

600 mg Full Spectrum CBD Vaporizer Cartridge * see note

600 mg Full Spectrum CBD Vaporizer Cartridge available in both strawberry breeze or original flavor: approx. 60 servings per cartridge

*Note: a vaporizer cartridge on its own requires a vape cartridge unit such as the Palm Vaporizer to use the cartridge with, Palm Vaporizer description follows. Our handcrafted cartridges will work with any vape battery unit or you can pair it with the Palm Vaporizer unit.

Palm Vaporizer:  Works with any standard vaporizer cartridge, the Palm vaporizer has a standard 5×10 threading. No need to press any buttons or control temperature, this vaporizer does the work for you. Just inhale and the palm will automatically stop after ten seconds. Made with an aluminum alloy housing, the Palm has a quality circuit board with multiple protection, is inhale activated and has a stealthy breathing LED indicator to let you know your vaporizer is working properly. Must be used with magnetic-adapter (included) and is rechargeable using a micro-USB port (also included). Make your CBD intake as easy as possible with this pocket vaporizer that is perfect for on-the-go and everyday use! Recommend to work with CCELL cartridge to reach best performance.


Meaning: To ingest/ eat/ take a food, drink, pill or other substance by swallowing. Can be presented in many forms; various foods, capsules, lozenges, a chew or a beverage are several examples. Ingestibles can take longer to take effect but this method can provide longer, deeper benefits and relief. 

Method: Place ingestible in mouth and swallow, if capsule type item, take with a sip of water to ease swallowing.

TLC Essential product options: CBD Capsules, CBD Chews, CBD Beverage Infusion, CBD Honey, CBD Soothing Elderberry Syrup

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules30mg/capsules or 60mg/capsule, respectively. Seven servings per container.

Full Spectrum CBD ChewsApproximately 10 servings 5 mg each per bag. Available in strawberry or Apple Green flavor.

Full Spectrum Beverage InfusionOur 120mg water soluble beverage infusion is designed for fast absorption into the body, and with a touch of raspberry and lemongrass essential oil, it makes for the perfect light and refreshing addition to any beverage!

Full Spectrum CBD Organic Honey:  Rich in vitamins and minerals, we thought what better way to improve pure organic honey then to add our beautiful full-spectrum CBD distillate to it. Full of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, our CBD honey is a great addition to any daily routine. Whether used in coffee or tea, cooking or baking, or taken all on its own, the taste alone will brighten up your day. Full of wonderful natural flavor, our honey is also gluten-free and non-GMO.

Full Spectrum CBD Soothing Elderberry SyrupThe perfect alternative to traditional cold medications, our CBD-infused elderberry syrup helps to support a healthy immune system with the additions of lemon, honey and elderberry. Made with an all-natural vegetable glycerin, this syrup begins to soothe the moment it coats your throat so don’t wait, begin use at first signs of a cough or a cold. Teeming with antibacterial properties and vitamins from the boost of honey, lemon and elderberry, this comforting syrup is gentle enough to be taken throughout the day, if needed, but strong enough to help combat even the worst coughs or colds.


Meaning:  To apply topically to the skin

Method: Gently message into skin across intended area to allow for fast transdermal absorption

TLC Essential product optionsFull Spectrum CBD Lemon Ginger Hemp Balm, Full Spectrum Menthol Hemp Gel, Full Spectrum CBD Bubble Bath/ Foot Soak

Full Spectrum CBD Lemon Ginger Hemp BalmOur fast-acting hemp balm not only carries the benefits of our CBD distillate, full of cannabinoids and terpenes, but we’ve also enhanced it with hemp root extract, lemon and ginger. Made with all-natural ingredients, you will notice the difference with our coconut oil and shea butter-based balm the moment you put it on.

Full Spectrum Menthol Hemp GelOur transdermal topical hemp gel is a fast-acting, natural analgesic which contains four essential oils widely known for their health benefits: menthol, camphor, peppermint and wintergreen. All known to be natural pain relievers, it was clear to us that an addition of a beautiful, high-quality hemp distillate could only benefit these natural wonders. With the help of these four essential oils, our hemp gel is made to penetrate the skin quickly, helping to relieve your symptoms that much faster.

Full Spectrum CBD Bubble Bath/ Foot SoakOur luxurious bubble bath is made with the finest ingredients to ensure you a relaxing glow from head to toe. Made from all-natural, high-quality ingredients, including aloe vera, honey, oat protein, and vitamins C, E and B, our bubble bath offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, moisturizing and soothing qualities to not only rejuvenate your skin but your body as a whole.

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CBD is a cannabinoid.

A cannabinoid is one of a class of diverse chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors, AKA the Endocannabinoid system in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain.

The ECS controls a wide variety of functions in the body. Pain, Nausea, Vomiting, Anxiety, Seizures, Appetite, Spasms are all impacted by the ECS. The endocannabinoid system is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids, which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors, and cannabinoid receptor proteins that are expressed throughout the vertebrate central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Although inflammation is often seen in a negative light, it’s a vital immune response to infection. Therefore, preventing inflammation when it is actually needed can lower immune function and make people more susceptible to disease. CBD and other cannabinoids may be able to help balance that function in the body.

CBD has significant therapeutic attributes. Many people are seeking holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals with harsh side effects – medicine more in synch with natural processes. CBD can provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression and many other conditions. 

In the botanical world, there are, broadly speaking, two kinds of cannabis – hemp plants and drug plants. Hemp plants include plants grown for fiber and plants grown for seed oil. Drug plants include intoxicating THC-rich plants and non-intoxicating CBD-rich plants.  The main difference between hemp plants and drug plants is resin content. Industrial hemp plants are low-resin plants. Drug plants are high-resin plants

The contents of the refined CBD extract are what determines if the CBD extract is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. 

– Full-spectrum CBD is full of all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in hemp, all of which have therapeutic value of their own and help create what’s know as the entourage effect. 

– Broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD without any THC. Like Full Spectrum CBD, the other compounds found within the plant are preserved in the extract; however, like CBD Isolate, THC is completely removed. Because Broad Spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids, it can deliver the enhanced benefits of the “entourage effect,” without the risk of psychoactive effects of THC.  

CBD Distillate: A CBD distillate contains different cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant materials.

     – CBD Isolate: CBD isolate is CBD in it’s purest form. It is basically very much how it sounds—it is isolated cannabidiol. During the extraction process, everything is removed or   filtered out of the hemp plant except for cannabidiol. This leaves you with a pure CBD product

At The Leaf Collaborative we are proud to be completely hands on in our product manufacturing from personally sourcing the best products to final product output. Our product is completely American Grown, Federally compliant CBD locally manufactured by The Leaf Collaborative. This hands on local approach ensures that we never include any imported industrial hemp paste into any product we make. CBD Hemp paste Imports are untested, not food grade, industrial grade product and should be avoided.

Yes, we do! Lab Testing for product quality, purity and contaminants is our priority with all our products.

Go Slow; use Titration; try Micro dosing

– Go Slow: it is always a good practice to pace yourself with any new product, go slow.

– Titration: is the process of determining the medication dose that reduces your symptoms to the greatest possible degree while avoiding as many side effects as possible; making slight adjustments to how much medicine you are taking.

– Micro dosing: is a technique for studying the behavior of drugs through the administration of doses so low they are unlikely to produce effects but high enough to allow a cellular response.

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